How To Get More Listeners With Website SEO

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How To Get More Listeners With Website SEO

Today, I’m going to share how you can use website SEO to increase your podcast's listeners.

What is SEO, you ask?

It’s the method of editing a page on your website to let better the robots powering Google know what your page is about.

I’ve used it on my podcast website and now get a steady stream of potential new listeners every month.

The Two Places to Optimise - Homepage & Episode Pages

The Google robots are reading through your webpage, looking for specific words to understand what the page is about. We help them along by making sure those words are present.

The two places to focus on this are your homepage and your episode pages.


Your quick win is to add the niche of your podcast to your title. As I did with Scottish history and Spooky Podcasts:

How you do this will depend on what you used to build your website, but Google is here to help!

Just look up “how to change an SEO title on (your website builder),” which will be WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or whatever you use.

Next, you’ll update your meta description (the text under your website title in a googe search). again you can look up how to change this, and the most important thing is that you mention the niche of your podcast.

Mine reads, “If you love Scottish voices, hearing spooky stories, and learning about Scottish history, then this is the podcast for you.”

Do this, and it’s clear what your podcast is about to Google and people browsing.


  • Update your SEO title in the settings to include your niche and the word podcast
  • Update your meta description to mention your niche again

Your Episodes

Start the same as your homepage. Make sure the subject of the podcast is in the title and you’ve mentioned it in the meta description.

You also need to add content to the page. Generally, Google wants to see at least 300 words of content for it to be considered good enough.

Start by copying in your podcast episode description from your podcast player and then padding it out with extra information about the episode and the subject you covered. This is also likely your show notes, so if you mention links or resources, now is the time to add them here.

Provide as much value as possible while mentioning your episode subject 2-3 times, and you’ll be golden.

Finally, you’re a podcast, so you want to include a podcast player and links where people can listen. Most hosts nowadays provide some sort of web player you can embed, but I like Spotify’s the best.

Hit the three dots on Spotify, press Share, and then Embed the episode.


  • An excellent, clear title for the subject
  • Aim for at least 300 words
  • Mention your subject two or three times
  • Include a web player for your episode (I like Spotify)


The specific results you get from SEO will vary widely based on what topic you cover and other factors like how many links you get to your website. However, as a one-and-done method, SEO is essential in your marketing arsenal.

Besides, people don’t flood towards a podcast. They come one by one, drip by drip, until your podcast turns into an unstoppable growth machine with new listeners coming in on autopilot.

I grew up around boats and learned early on that a small hole would fill a large ship with water. In fact, a small hole the length of your thumb can become an unstoppable force that sinks a 30-foot boat in 44 minutes.

This is how you think about podcast marketing: how can I slowly but surely attract my people to come and listen?

Community Wins

The Main Thing Podcast has been ranked among the Top 3% of all educational podcasts in the world according to Listen Notes
The Dragoning Audio Drama broke the top 100 charts in Great Britain in Drama
Desert of the Reel Podcast just produced its 20th episode
I Udderly Can’t have just recorded their 50th Episode
The MODUS Files - A Fallout Audio Drama Podcast - just crossed 230,000 streams

Great work, everyone! If you have a win you want to share, hit reply.

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