3 Tools for Better, Faster, Podcast Production and Promotion

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Hey Reader! There's much excitement here in Scotland, well, in my house at least, because a new episode of Generally Spooky History coming out today! New podcast day is always a great day am-I-right?

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Only the top 10% of podcasts get 500 downloads in the first seven days of an episode being released.

In the last seven months, my podcast has gained 500 more followers while only releasing a single episode.

This happened because I set it up to grow on autopilot.

After 100 hours of effort, I created the Template Vault so your podcast can experience the same growth.

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3 Tools for Better, Faster, Podcast Production and Promotion

Finding time to make your podcast can feel difficult at the best of times.

I should know, I’ve had to turn around a 4-hour recording session into an episode release in 24 hours.

And as I’m about to start editing Generally Spooky History episodes again, I thought I’d share the 3 tools I use for better, faster podcast production and promotion

Quicker Podcast Sharing - Episodes.fm

Episodes.fm has become my favorite link-sharing website.

Search your podcast, and it will display your logo and a description with links to EVERY player out there.

There are a few alternatives that can do this, but I prefer Episodes.fm because it can be done on an episode level.

This removes the friction of turning people into listeners. When you’re talking to people in real life or online about your podcast, and they want to listen, you can send them your episodes.fm link.

I’ve used Linktree in the past to include everything, but I find that if you’re looking for podcast growth, Episodes.fm is better.

Plus, it’s free.

Speed up Editing - Alitu

I’m sure many of you consider podcasting editing a necessary evil. I agree. It skyrockets episode quality, but I’m not excited about it.

However, Alitu has cut the time it takes me to edit my podcast in half.

Because of two reasons.

Auto-remove pauses. It does a wonderful job at this because it doesn’t remove too much of the pause so sentences sound unnatural, just the longer pauses that occur while thinking about what to say next. Or as my co-host and I pause to drink water.

Speed up playback to 2X. This means you can listen to large chunks of an episode that perhaps don’t need editing but need to check back anyway.

Text-based Editing. It can bring up a transcript (that can even hear a Scottish accent) that allows you to use text-based editing. This means you can use the text to select which sections to delete. I love AI.

Combine those, and you can half the time you spend editing.

It’s $39 a month and worth every penny if you’re short on time.

Better Sound Quality - Auphonic

Auphonic uses AI to remove background noise. It boosts your voice while lowering the decibel level of other sounds so you come out crystal clear.

Your podcast needs to have a minimum sound quality. You can use a $50 microphone and run it through Auphonic, and it will sound better than 90% of podcasts.

Price: 11 Euro a month

Screw the folks who have a team behind them to make a podcast. We don’t need a dozen people fussing around us. We can use a few tools to make a better podcast than they ever could anyway.

Community Wins

The Main Thing Podcast has crossed 25,000 downloads
Great Things with Great Tech has reached 50,000 views on YouTube
Yokai Detective Agency has reached 18,000 downloads
Daily Dose Of Love with, Tatia, reached 15,000 downloads
Realm News secured the interview of a lifetime after taking part in the 10 email challenge
Killer in the Family has passed 1000 monthly downloads!

Great work everyone! If you have a win you want to share, hit reply!

How I Can Help You

1) The Template Vault - Learn how to grow your podcast on autopilot. Get fill-in-the-blank templates to set up your podcast foundation for growth, success, and making money. $15 for the first 15 customers (5 sold)

2) Recommended Tools​ - These are the tools I use to grow my podcast. I focus on tools that improve quality and save time.

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